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Do you want to see tarantulas, scorpions, and other critters in their natural state? Would you like to find scorpions at night as they glow under the beam of a black light or flush a big hairy spider out of its burrow? The San Antonio area will provide many opportunities for nature hikes and ArachnoCon will provide the inexperienced field collector with the opportunity to go out in the desert with experienced collectors to see incredible animals and learn how to safely collect or photograph them. In addition to arachnids and other invertebrates, these hikes will likely allow you to see fascinating reptiles, birds, and mammals.

ArachnoCon field trips will be arranged so that guests of all ages will be able to spend some time in the surrounding scrub desert in search of critters. Transportation is not provided, but individuals without cars should be able to find a ride with others who have their own vehicles or rental cars. Each field trip will begin with meeting outside the hotel and will be organized to arrange rides for those without one and team those new to field collecting with experienced veterans.

Informal collecting trips will take place all weekend, but organized outings are scheduled.

Please note that field trips are optional and unsupervised. Although we will do our best to team inexperienced collectors and hikers with more experienced guides, each individual's safety is their own responsibility. By your participation Arachnopets, ArachnoCon, ArachnoExpo, its sponsors and staff, SpringHill Suites, and any other individual or group are agreed to be held harmless in the event of any accident or injury. Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and supervised at all times. All participants should ensure that they have plenty of drinking water, sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, and appropriate clothing and footwear. Please see the list below for recommended gear.


All participants in official ArachnoCon field trips will be required to sign a liability waiver releasing the promoters, staff, hotel, conference center, sponsors, exhibitors and any other registrants or guests from harm in the event of accident or injury.



  • WATER! keep hydrated!
    (this is the most important thing to bring)
  • sunscreen
    (SPF 30 or higher; SPF 45 or higher for children and your face)
  • lip balm containing sunscreen
  • lightweight wide-brimmed hat
    (protect yourself from the July southern Texas sun)
  • sturdy hiking boots
  • lightweight long-sleeved shirt
    (protection against sun and brush; a good lightweight long-sleeved fishing or hiking shirt is actually cooler than a T-shirt)
  • rugged pants - canvas or denim
    (wear shorts at your own risk - there will be thorny brush, etc.)


  • flashlight for night hikes
  • walking stick
  • insect repellent
  • small hiker's first aid kit
  • camera
  • binoculars for bird-watchers
  • work gloves
  • field guides
  • compass and map

collecting eqipment

  • UV light for night scorpion collecting
  • extra batteries
  • jug of water and hand trowel for tarantula collecting
  • forceps
  • collecting containers
  • small cooler for carrying and protecting collected animals

Please note that any collecting of live animals must be in accordance with Texas laws. These will be discussed prior to organized field trips, but you alone are responsible for knowing and following any wildlife regulations. Also, please respect nature by replacing rocks and other ground cover exactly how you found them and not littering. Please carry out any and all trash including cigarette butts! Finally, please remember that removing an animal from the wild is an ethical decision that should be made with thoughtful consideration. The enjoyment from these field trips comes from experiencing nature and viewing fascinating animals in their natural state. There is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing for the first time a tarantula's big hairy legs come out its burrow or a scorpion fluorescing in the beam of an ultraviolet lamp. There will be thousands of captive-bred animals for sale during the event that will make much better "pets". If you do choose to keep animals for your own collection please limit yourself to a reasonable number and provide them with excellent care.

Click here to visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website. Endangered and threatened species are afforded special protection. You may click here to download an 11MB booklet in PDF format titled "Endangered and Threatened Animals of Texas" or view lists online here.

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